The Officer Fetish 

What am I to do? I can’t afford to go to jail and I soon need to come up with a plan.

I’m moving fast fas,but I need to clear up this issue before I get out dodge. My phone rings It’s A cute Caucasian Sheriff in town Just on time.I’m blushing hard not sure what his intentions are with me but I’m in a little bit of Hot Water and need him on my side,Knowing the power he hold’s. He invites me out on a late night ice cream date after his shift is over and I agree because we need to talk. 

It’s 9Pm as I’m pulling into The Parlor I begin to get very nervous as I park. Thinking to myself how Kinky &  Taboo this is to me maybe, I’m doing it for the Thrill And I feel like some what of A Bad Girl Already.

He opens my car door, I’m embracing his athletic build,standing at 6’1 olive skin tone with blue eyes! Damn I think to myself he would still be in uniform but this is actually turning me on. “Stay focused” I tell myself because I actually want him to bed me right over on his Car. 

“I’ll have two scoops of Strawberry cream please and other 2 Scoop’s of chocolate for this gentlemen”Its only right I wink at him as I ordered. We sit side by side , I’m loving his amazing energy and these cute dimples as well as his charming smile.I suddenly feel something cold hit my boobies “OH MY I have spilt my ice cream” He is very alarmed I then feel his finger brush across my breast.

I start to tingle all over from head to toe. I look around only to see that no one is around,he starts rubbing his fingers through my hair .”Let’s go to the bathroom  he suggest so I can help you get this sticky mess off of you”

What a tiny stall! I take my tube shirt off leaving only my skit on and suddenly I feel his soft pink lips kiss all over my breast leaving little to no ice cream,i Reach down to touch my pussy lips I can feel my juice’s flowing . He then toss me of the sink counter all while still in uniform, Urgently speading my legs wide open he is sucking on nothing but my Clit causing my juices to flow down my leg , Now playing with my pussy using only his fingers. I think to myself damn this is all happening so quickly…As he comes up I can feel the force of his Vest underneath. He is demanding I bend over and I’m doing just that ,I’m creating the perfect Arch as his place his hand in it. I suddenly feel his dick slide in as my pussy muscles wrap tightly around it. I look back directly in his eyes screaming Fuck me harder as he begin  yanking me by my hair along with each Deep stoke. My body begins to shake and I’m about to explode with cum all over his dick as he continue stroking me Long,Deep & Hard.

I scream with Passion all while forgetting we are in the bathroom stall,I look down at his dick only to see my pretty white cum everywhere. This is only the beginning… 


Grade Earned 

“Fuck it’s 8 Am and I have class at 8:30″Yelling! I wake up late out of my sleep! As the soapy water run down my nude body I think of Professor Nobels ,I have really pushed it at this point and he has had enough of me coming in late for class but I need this man on my side He is the only one that has the ability to rise my grade from a B to A 

Professor Nobels is a fine dark 40 something year old brotha! Smart Ivy league grad with the confidence to match.He is very professional and has never can onto me at any point…But now my brain is racing his class is the deal breaker in obtaining the GPA I need in order to maintaing my scholarship’s. At this point I’m down for whatever.

Slowly creeping inside the classroom . Instantly I hear a deep voice “Ms.Love I need to see you in my office when class is over” FUCK I think to myself.

Ring Ring  I nervously pack my books into my backpack and headed toward his office. Leaning back in his chair as he looked me dead into his eye. In the back of my mind I have always wanted to fuck him and now I need him more then ever! At this point everything is falling To place.”Ms.Love you going to need a perfect test score next Monday”I panic!

I placed my body on top of his desk and pulled by his Bow Tie and demanded that he give me the A and…. The D .

Suddenly I feel my skirt rising up only to feel his soft lips nibble on my freshly shaven kitty damn I’m only doing this for the thrill as I feel the juices flow. He firmly grips my hips with each hands tossing me around on all fours.

Spreading my ass cheeks apart ,He spanks me really hard for being a Very bad girl but it’s only causing my pussy to get even wetter ! What a mix of pain & pleasure.

Back Arched I feel him deep inside of  me! He fucking me like he is upset at me but the fact that he is my professor turns me on even more! Throwing it back at him as I grip tightly I hear him moaning in pleasure. Screaming as he pound deep inside of me feeling me with his every inch is driving me wild! Papers from his desk flying everywhere ,I feel him going Harder and harder as I can tell he is about to Explode ,My muscles tighten around his dick.I then feel his warm cum all over me.

The Boss’s Pet: Part 1

Fingering my short tamed hair as I walk through one of Chicago’s largest Financial Institutions, I just landed my first big girl job working in Finance. I’m feeling extra confident although I was just in slutty stripper lace last week but today I’m all polished in in A black business suite. I’m working under the boss himself Mr.Dennis Watkins and he has me doing some of everything after I thought it was just sales! Yet he request for me to bring his coffee every morning …….What is his Secretary for?

Tray Cooper Photography

It’s A Friday morning and there is so much Joy in the air along with the smell of coffee in the air. I need to get 3 more sales in before the month ends luckyly it won’t be hard to do with the amount of volume.

It’s 12:30Am  and I’m ready for lunch I have to do extra paper work for Mr.Watkins’s later so today’s break will include a Margarita from a grill within walking distance.

Arriving back to the office and I’m feeling powered up and ready to close the day out. “Ms.Love you are need to the office Of Mr.Watkins’s” It’s Friday and I’m sure he has a tone of work and questions to ask me “Coming right up”
Knock Knock ” How can I help you Mr.Watkins’s” leanded back in a chair over a European Renaissance Executive Desk as he begin fireing up a big Cigar .I can tell something is different on his mind today.

Suddenly he walk over to where I’m seated and caress me with a neck massage sending chills directly down my spine. I can’t even believe this after all this is my  Boss but I’m not stopping him, I’m so turned on by the sene of all of this and I do want to make him happy .

Grabbing under my arms lifting me onto his desk,suddenly I feel my pencil skirt lifting up. Mr.Watkins is a fine mature gentlemen and extremely dominant! Standing at 6’3 Dark Chocolate skin tone very well build with thick broad shoulders to compliment.

He opening my legs wide peeling my sheer black stockings back I chuckle damn I’m being a bad girl this Friday I think to myself.But the fact that he is my boss & It’s so forbidden I mean really who sleeps with their boss? His doment nature is turning me on even more as he firmly grips my hip’s looking me dead in the eyes , pulling my me to the edge of the desk I feel myself getting wet instantly. Reaching down in my purse to pull out a brand new sex toy I can’t wait to use pulling my panties to side I slide my shiny pink rabbit inside of me vibrating to a medium speed arching my back I lay further down on his desk,Paperwork flying everywhere. Mr.Watkins is over with only a pair of briefs with still his shirt and tie loosened. Drilling the toy inside & out of me I pull him in closer by his tie I can feel the D starting to wise on my leg. He is now taking control of the rabbit as my juices are now all over the desk. Slowly removing the rabbit I fell his medium size lips savorying  every inch of my pussy lips I moan loudly in his Sound proof office as he push my legs back this feel so amazing! I reach do in my purse for a chain I have a surprise for him. I ask to take a seat behind him he did as I asked. He is always controling me during the day but now its my turn! First I grip him by the neck to spot where the chains need to go,he finally notice my chains “Oh what a naughty girl” with chains and rope in one hand I place the chain around his throat knotting it at the back of the chair his head tilted back. I then tie both of his hands behind the chair. I’m taking it easy with Mr.Watkins as I’m sure he was not expecting this so I’m going to be easy on him. 

I grabbed him by The D and began with a nice hand massage as it continued to grow in the palms of my hands. I place a condom on it slowly slide down on him, The lights are dim overlooking the  Chicago skyline.All the way down I place a gray ducktape to seal his lips. Bouncin!  up and Down I can see the enjoyment in his eyes. I grab the chain around his neck as I come in closer and tell him to bite down on my nipple. I then spin around in reverse cowgirl winding up and down I enjoy seeing my cum on his dick making me even wetter.I feel him thrusting inside of me .Looking back to catch a glimpse of him let me untie this man because I’m ready for cum 

I release the chain from his neck as he gasp for air I can’t help but admire the the chain prints left on his neck. I release the rope from his hands and unseal his lips. 

Grabbing me by the waist he is bending me over the desk filling me with his every inch, long deep strokes ! Looking back at him I feel his warm explosion dripping all over my ass.

Press Play:Recording 

I can’t even believe Damion(From Hot Summer Night) and I are at it once again! Damn I just can’t get enough of the D. Tonight I’m feeling wild and ready to be on camera for the first time and he has no idea yet! 

I’m falling in love with this man clearly I just can’t get enough and today I’m aboout to surprise him at his house! 

Knock knock “Hey Babe” I greet followed by a warm hug and kiss! He smell so good, standing over me I look up at him.All that’s on my mind is fucking his brains out but as we sit and talk for hours its clear we have developed a deeper connection at this point. I have not had sex in so long I’m about to take his dick out of his pants and make it mine! 

Today I’m ready to make a homemade video Damion just bring something out of me and our bodies are like magic when joined. I’m more than ready to bring out my inner porn star out.

I can’t take it any longer ,I pulled his dick out and wrapped my lips around it…Kneeling down as I stair deeply into his eyes he moans with pleasure. Gliding my head back and fourth as he holds the back of it making the tip touch the back of my throat. 

I take it out and he’s looking as if I just took his candy away! “Babe I forgot to tell you  I’m ready to record this today ” He Looks at me in  Wow!  But today I’m feeling like a pornstar and ain’t got not one film yet under my belt but Bae waste no time in engaging!

I undress bending over so it can get a nice view. I align the phones camera so it can catch all the action thats about to go down. I’m so turned on and ready to get down and dirty! 

Damion bends me over saying “You know I got to have my pussy from the back” Slapping my ass I’m sure my last just got 10x wetter! Throbbing deeply inside of me I scream as if there is no tomorrow,As his balls slap my clit.This man is truly dicking me down and I love it. Suddenly he spreads my legs apart tasting the kitty nice n slowly making my legs quiver . 

I know this is all being recorded and that’s what’s making it even more sexy. He slides deeply inside of me with my legs over his shoulder ,Long stroke!This pussy talking right back him also! He speeds up forcing me to take every inch of that chocolate dick, I reach down and play with my clit. 

Facing the camera looking directly in the phones camera He ask “Where do you want it  I smile before I could get a word out he could not control it splash as it drips from my face to my tits…..Damn I think to myself I just can’t get enough of him.

After showering ,he is holding me tight inside of his arms and plants an adorable kiss on my forehead.With my hand on his chest I kiss it as we both drift off to sleep. 
Kasaundra Love

The Stripper File’s:Ratchet City Edition Part 1

It’s hot as fuck out here! I’m  headed from Arkansas to Shreveport Louisiana I have one more hour to drive luckily! I’m praying my 98 Maxima Don’t break down on me because I been driving it back and fourth every weekend. It’s 1:30 pm  and I’m headed straight to WO for the day shift! I turn that Majic City Monday up By Jeezy to get in Stripper Mode and to set a goal of what I need to make tonight. I’m running on E so tonight I’m Hogging and pulling all of my best Quick Sale lines out! I know Shreveport will come through for me….

I’m 20 Mins away I call My Friend/ Stripper Coach Abaigael. This girl so off the chain Standing at 6Ft  Jewish ,Beautiful bouncy dark hair living  all her life in New York . She gives me the Play & Motivation to stay afloat in this game ,Today we have A 30 Min phone session  scheduled and she never fails me plus I like to stay sharp on my hustle.

Pulling up the club I instantly get excited! Because I know its about to be an amazing night and I can feel it! I have 10 mins left talking to Abai parking my car I finish the remainder of our conversation in the car because these other girls did not put in on this session.

Throwing my backpack over my shoulder I bust through the doors enter the Dressing room. I called my Best Friend J to let him know I’m in town He gives me A warm welcome & Looks out for me If needed. Unpacking because I’m about to camp out here pretty much for the next two days.

There are two other girls on the day shift getting ready they wanna keep asking about who did my boobs but I aint got time to lolly gag with’em tonight.I’m wearing A Sparkly Pink Camo Two piece with Black Platform 7 inch heels,and I got 30in extntions down to my ass and I’m ready! 

Weird Rabbit Photography
It’s 4Pm Showtime ! There are maybe 3 guys here already but that means nothing to me I don’t see volume I see opportunity. The DJ calls me to the booth.I’m feeling really sexy and Sensual for now but I can’t wait to get Ratchet later .

I gracefully enter onto the stage,Swaying my hips from side to side as The Weekends bless us with”Often”. I need this warm up round this definitely puts me in the mood. As my top comes off A gent walkes up with my first tip of the night! I skillfully collect the money using my boobies alone (Nothing To Violate ATC). He Chuckle’s and said to meet him in the lap dance area!  I slowly walk back to the pole for a Spin then Slowly putting my top back on…I arrive in the lap dance area and there he is waiting with his hands planted on the seat as if he already knew there was no touching ,I greet him with a smile ,setting my workmens bag aside,I Arch my back and back it up on him real nice and slow so he will never forget! Simple as that for 1 min in and he wants another dance already! “Great” I let him know. This is still a great start as we are no where near packed yet.

Weird Rabbit Photography

It’s 8 Pm I’m in the dressing room sitting down retouching up on my make-up as the showroom lights glair down on me. Many thought’s cross my mind as I take a deep look in this mirror at myself I wonder how Did I go from a college girl funded by 5 Scholarships to Taking My top off for tips! Fuck! But I’m living my life off based off the facts and The reality of it is that My son need new school clothes and I got 2 days to get it….My phone rings and its my partner C In Eldorado,Arkansas calling to tell me he will be in town tonight! Yes!!!!! He love to stunt so one stage set I know he really about to make it rain. 
As I’m walking to the bar I’m stopped by a group of guys who just simply want to decorate me in Tips(It All Add Up)! I can’t lie I’m loving it, Where else can I go and Not have to do anything but let them stick money on me?”Let me get a shot 1800 Gold”I asked the bartender as The DJ call me up to stage and said He wanted to pick my music! Its a little early still so I don’t mind plus he real good at picking my shit out. 
As I hit the stage all  I hear is UGK’s🎶Let Me see It Let me See It Bend ova let me see it🎶 This is perfect for a Friday night in Ratchet City As Im upside down on the pole I’m sure that 1800 Just kicked in!  I’m not sure how I missed these people tipping me on stage but I’m stuffing them tips all in my bag.Damn this city got me spoiled and I’m loving it.I came in on 0 and now I got a lil something in pocket and we going till 6Am.The Bouncer won’t stop following me tonight so I know it’s a good night and I’m loving the protection! 

I walk into the dressing room that’s flooded with snowbunnys and just a few of us sistahs they got money out everywhere! Damn I need to be counting my money , but It’s not my style to count it in front of everyone. 

I step back onto the floor its a full house now .I got my cup raised in the air and I’m not sure what it is but I’m bouncing through here now, I just want to insure the customer’s they are having a great time.   

I can’t lie… I’m not only in here to provide only Lap Dances ,I’m looking for someone to invest in one of my business plans. I’m so focused right now that I don’t feel the hate in the air nor do I pay it any attention. It’s  late in the night and I don’t have time to even talk past 2 Mins if you not spending the house is packed with so much potential . These Ratchet/Professional Men about make my night once again and I know just what to do with them. 

To Be Continued. 

Another Hot Summer Night

I’m not sure what this really is at this point but my crush Damian & I are headed to South Florida for A night!

We maintained contact since I last seen him in New Orleans two weeks ago! Things are definitely sizzling between he & I . We talk every other day! It’s so many things about him that turns me on,Its almost like I get wet instantly from our conversations alone. I’m still so nervous around this man I mean he is a real beast how could I not be? Fuck! Meeting him in New Orleans did no justice.I’m physically & mentally attracted to him and I’m loving this New Fling!

Damian is apidome of Tall dark & Handsome. Everything about him screams Boss! Just by looking at him you tell that is very business savey but don’t mind loosing those cufflinks. His Ora is really what drives me wild.

It’s been two weeks since we last met in New Orleans but we have maintained contact and exchanged a few Pictures and Videos! I can’t believe we are finally at this point Geez I don’t even have time to travel especially since I just landed a new Job,But I need to know him more.

Damian & I routine is very strict. We Meet at the bar-Brainstorn,strategize, flirt ,calculate and engage in mind blowing sex by the end of the night.

Its 8pm on a warm and breezy night in South Flordia!Yet again here we find ourselves blushing over cocktails! He makes a request to the bartender for two double shot of Hennessey’s ! Wow  I will take that Hennessey tonight, You only live once right? We make a toast to an Amazing night. Damn his skin is so nice reminding me of  some shade of chocolate .He reaches in to grab me around my waist, I’m sure he’s only reaching to see what kind If any panties I’m wearing. Every time he touch’s me a chill runs instantly down my spin. We give each other a keen look in the eyes!I don’t know why we are here…….But our  forces joined feel gloriouvery hour later we still at the bar just vibing!The lights are low creating A very intimate setting, The DJ would play SWV’s 🎶weak in the knees🎶 perfect for this moment! I take a sip of my cocktail and tease him with a neck massage , playfully rubbing my breast against the back of his head he looks up in excitement!Oh my I think the drink just kicked in…

We step into the room I toss my shoes off and Head out to the balcony overlooking the ocean as my hair blow freely! I smell him near and I know he’s close by as I catch a wift of his cologne,All of a sudden there he is planting a kiss on the back of my neck ! With a bottle of nice champagne in his right hand. “Oh my gosh You are going to have me so tipsy” I just can’t keep my hands off of him as he pours up two glasses of Champagne! He kissed me on my forehead and said “Baby I just want you to be comfortable” I toss back the champagne because I know its about to be a night of pure passion.

Sitting here on the balcony we sit in complete silence -We Connect not saying anything, I cozy up in his lap as we toast “Fuck I just spilled Champagne all over myself” This can’t be happening as the stars start dancing in the sky,but then again we had been faded all night! Its dripping from my nippls to my legs.This man is licking champagne from my body and it feels so amazing that I can’t help but arch my back!

Leaving the door open ,he picks me up and place me on the bed, I then pull him in to come in closer The room starts spinning “Fuck Me”  I beg for it. He like when I beg for it and ask me ” You want Daddy to fuck you now?”  We love role play! I’m so aroused ,We look deeply into each others eye’s then he kisses me ,pulling on my ponytail he then sucks on my neck ,as if he is trying to mark territory! “Let me see it from the back” I then role over lightly only to toot my ass in the air. I feel his hand’s feathering my clit & second set of lips …I can hear the wetness of it as I look back at him! Sticking two fingers insde of me while shaking them creating a vibration effect, I start to feel my juice’s flow.”Fuck me Damian ,Fuck me now” slapping my ass hard enough to almost leave a print! Suddenly he fills me with rock hard dick as my eyes instantly roll to the back of my head. Pounding me so hard it hurts,but it feels so good, I feel his sweat dripping onto me. I back it up in a fast motion as he starts going slower….”Damn baby slow down” but I can’t because I’m so caught up in this moment.

To be continued

Scotty’s Lunch Break:Part 1

I’m smiling so hard right now! Scotty my favorite white boy and I are meeting for the 100th time. And when I say Scotty is off the chain believe me!

Scotty is a young professional corporate Oil & Gas Attorney on the rise.Standing at 6’1, Brown Hair , and Extremely clean cut .Oh and let me not forget very cocky! We both share one common trait: We are thrill seekers! Scotty and I both can’t get enough of the idea of being caught along with A undeniable connection! This of course has lead us to many strange sometimes remote locations and new advetures.I trust him…..Clearly!

“OMG where Am I?” Its 2:00 PM in broad daylight ,I’m slightly chuckling because,Scotty is so fucking wild! Zoom zoom …He pulls up behind me in his Black AMG S63 Coupe he confidently walks (Staring out of my rearview mirror I can’t help but notice) over to my car and open the door. He greets me with the biggest smile and Hug as if its been a month of Sundays!(Our Last Adventure was just last week)  It’s such a beautiful and breezy day out in this wooded area, Hand in hand we are walking through the woods!We both love and admire nature “Fuck Scotty why did you not tell me we would be doing all this ? I would have never worn shorts knowing damn well These Mosquitoes are armed with pistols, I would have worn my off & Steeltoes”This by far is the most wooded area! He thinks its funny! I’m looking up only to reveal a body of water & A group of  sail boats with nice homes in the background!

My my my! We both live for the Thrill but Scooty is truly off the chain at this point and everything about this particular sene confirms it! I’m so fucking nervous because out of all of these homes someone is going to see us,Something is telling me his buddy is watching from the huge brown house from afar with a pair of high power binoculars! I can almost feel it.

Leading me to the marina, All I can do is Thank God I wore A wig so big making me unrecognizable because its about to be wild! He keeps Assuring me that not one person is around, but In the back of my mind I know someone somewhere has to be watching! We have shared so many wild moments but this by far is the wildest! Standing in the middle of the dock ,with one hand he grabs the back of my head pull me in for A deep kiss ,with the other hand reaching into my bra he then pull both of my tits out,pressing against his muscular chest. I then feel an extreme rush of excitement run through my body because this is just what we do.I start hearing from what it sounds like A car pulling up”Fuck is that someone pulling up Scotty”I nervously ask!Yet It’s still not enough to stop us!

To Be Continued.  

Kasaundra Love

Hot Summer Night

It’s Tuesday night and I need to unwind luckily my crush and I finally agree to meet in New Orleans for A Night. I checked in at The Le Meridian roughly 4.PM I’m so excited that we are in a different city as we can be more free! I have had my eyes on him for awhile now. Geez I feel like a 16 year old girl with a Highschool crush.At this point the Anticipation between us it at A All time high! I receive A text from him only to tell me he has arrived and checking into his hotel and to be ready 7PM. As I’m trying to figure out  which dress to wear, I get a knock on the door from a lady With A bottle of Wine &  Strawberries all from Him. I sip on the wine as I curl my hair intense thoughts about him cross my mind ! I know its going down tonight because I got to have him. Our Chemistry is so amazing so I just know the Sex will be amazing! 

Its 7pm and we meet at a Swanky NO bar sitting side by side I feel his hand slide between my thighs,A Rush ran through my body because its already been on my mind to fuck his brains out! I take a sip of my drink and playfully pull his hand away before he gets us kicked out lol I cant help but admire his sexy skin tone fitting his white crisp shirt as he sips on Scotch. At this point in time both of us are quite tipsy and Somehow I ended up in his lap because I need to be closer. We can’t stop touching each other!We both decide to go to the Strip Club so now we are waiting on Our Black Uber to take us to Showcase! 

As we are in route to the strip he is planting a big kiss on My lips, he is lighly touching my other set of lips (Only to tease me) The Driver interrupts us only to tell us we are a Mile away.  We arrive at the strip club and instantly we are both in our elements! Ratchet Girls + Ratchet Music! We go to the Bar so that they can break his Blue Bills! The strippers flocked to us but he picked out one bad chick out to bless ,now  She is all over us with hopes of leaving with us but Not tonight ! Because I have got to have him all to myself first! The drinks have definitely kicked in and we are both feeling it. All I want is for him to return with me to my hotel.

We arrive at the hotel after A night of partying! I get in the shower leaving the door open purposely,As the steaming hot water hit my G cups the shower door opens and there he is all nude.The smell of Jasmine in the air As we slosh soap everywhere he starts kissing me from behind on my neck as I play with myself! We both quickly dry off. 

Damn I have been lusting for this man for months now and It’s obvious.  

I laid on the bed in complete submission because I wanted him to take control of me and The fact that we finally got this opportunity alone made my pussy so wet! Finally He spread my legs open, and began lightly sucking only on my clit damn I’m trying not moan loudly but I can’t take it anymore as my legs quiver! Legs spread wide open my hands on his head I’m about to cum as he keeps sucking on my clit, I moan not caring if those in the next room can hear! Coming up for air I see the cum coming from my body to his lips only making me wetter! He then tells me to turn around so he could fuck me doggy style. I’m playing with myself as He puts the condom on  Suddenly I feel his dick thrusting inside of me. As he is fucking me  he slaps me on the Ass making me 10x wetter! He then grips my neck and fucks me harder I reach and play with his balls driving him wild. He turns me over then ordered me to sit on his face of course its only right that We 69 He is sucking on my pussy so good I feel like I need to show out while I place his balls in the cup of my hand ,I spit on it while I’m holding it sucking and taking his dick as its getting even harder! I than being to choke but cant stop while On Orgasm#3 is in effect! He then tells me to lay on my back and asked me where did I want the cum? On my tits babe I reply I then feel his warm cum all over my tits as I rub them together. 

As we look into each others eyes I can only think…This is about to be the start of something great! 

Kasaundra Love