Hot Summer Night

It’s Tuesday night and I need to unwind luckily my crush and I finally agree to meet in New Orleans for A Night. I checked in at The Le Meridian roughly 4.PM I’m so excited that we are in a different city as we can be more free! I have had my eyes on him for awhile now. Geez I feel like a 16 year old girl with a Highschool crush.At this point the Anticipation between us it at A All time high! I receive A text from him only to tell me he has arrived and checking into his hotel and to be ready 7PM. As I’m trying to figure out  which dress to wear, I get a knock on the door from a lady With A bottle of Wine &  Strawberries all from Him. I sip on the wine as I curl my hair intense thoughts about him cross my mind ! I know its going down tonight because I got to have him. Our Chemistry is so amazing so I just know the Sex will be amazing! 

Its 7pm and we meet at a Swanky NO bar sitting side by side I feel his hand slide between my thighs,A Rush ran through my body because its already been on my mind to fuck his brains out! I take a sip of my drink and playfully pull his hand away before he gets us kicked out lol I cant help but admire his sexy skin tone fitting his white crisp shirt as he sips on Scotch. At this point in time both of us are quite tipsy and Somehow I ended up in his lap because I need to be closer. We can’t stop touching each other!We both decide to go to the Strip Club so now we are waiting on Our Black Uber to take us to Showcase! 

As we are in route to the strip he is planting a big kiss on My lips, he is lighly touching my other set of lips (Only to tease me) The Driver interrupts us only to tell us we are a Mile away.  We arrive at the strip club and instantly we are both in our elements! Ratchet Girls + Ratchet Music! We go to the Bar so that they can break his Blue Bills! The strippers flocked to us but he picked out one bad chick out to bless ,now  She is all over us with hopes of leaving with us but Not tonight ! Because I have got to have him all to myself first! The drinks have definitely kicked in and we are both feeling it. All I want is for him to return with me to my hotel.

We arrive at the hotel after A night of partying! I get in the shower leaving the door open purposely,As the steaming hot water hit my G cups the shower door opens and there he is all nude.The smell of Jasmine in the air As we slosh soap everywhere he starts kissing me from behind on my neck as I play with myself! We both quickly dry off. 

Damn I have been lusting for this man for months now and It’s obvious.  

I laid on the bed in complete submission because I wanted him to take control of me and The fact that we finally got this opportunity alone made my pussy so wet! Finally He spread my legs open, and began lightly sucking only on my clit damn I’m trying not moan loudly but I can’t take it anymore as my legs quiver! Legs spread wide open my hands on his head I’m about to cum as he keeps sucking on my clit, I moan not caring if those in the next room can hear! Coming up for air I see the cum coming from my body to his lips only making me wetter! He then tells me to turn around so he could fuck me doggy style. I’m playing with myself as He puts the condom on  Suddenly I feel his dick thrusting inside of me. As he is fucking me  he slaps me on the Ass making me 10x wetter! He then grips my neck and fucks me harder I reach and play with his balls driving him wild. He turns me over then ordered me to sit on his face of course its only right that We 69 He is sucking on my pussy so good I feel like I need to show out while I place his balls in the cup of my hand ,I spit on it while I’m holding it sucking and taking his dick as its getting even harder! I than being to choke but cant stop while On Orgasm#3 is in effect! He then tells me to lay on my back and asked me where did I want the cum? On my tits babe I reply I then feel his warm cum all over my tits as I rub them together. 

As we look into each others eyes I can only think…This is about to be the start of something great! 

Kasaundra Love 


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