Scotty’s Lunch Break:Part 1

I’m smiling so hard right now! Scotty my favorite white boy and I are meeting for the 100th time. And when I say Scotty is off the chain believe me!

Scotty is a young professional corporate Oil & Gas Attorney on the rise.Standing at 6’1, Brown Hair , and Extremely clean cut .Oh and let me not forget very cocky! We both share one common trait: We are thrill seekers! Scotty and I both can’t get enough of the idea of being caught along with A undeniable connection! This of course has lead us to many strange sometimes remote locations and new advetures.I trust him…..Clearly!

“OMG where Am I?” Its 2:00 PM in broad daylight ,I’m slightly chuckling because,Scotty is so fucking wild! Zoom zoom …He pulls up behind me in his Black AMG S63 Coupe he confidently walks (Staring out of my rearview mirror I can’t help but notice) over to my car and open the door. He greets me with the biggest smile and Hug as if its been a month of Sundays!(Our Last Adventure was just last week)  It’s such a beautiful and breezy day out in this wooded area, Hand in hand we are walking through the woods!We both love and admire nature “Fuck Scotty why did you not tell me we would be doing all this ? I would have never worn shorts knowing damn well These Mosquitoes are armed with pistols, I would have worn my off & Steeltoes”This by far is the most wooded area! He thinks its funny! I’m looking up only to reveal a body of water & A group of  sail boats with nice homes in the background!

My my my! We both live for the Thrill but Scooty is truly off the chain at this point and everything about this particular sene confirms it! I’m so fucking nervous because out of all of these homes someone is going to see us,Something is telling me his buddy is watching from the huge brown house from afar with a pair of high power binoculars! I can almost feel it.

Leading me to the marina, All I can do is Thank God I wore A wig so big making me unrecognizable because its about to be wild! He keeps Assuring me that not one person is around, but In the back of my mind I know someone somewhere has to be watching! We have shared so many wild moments but this by far is the wildest! Standing in the middle of the dock ,with one hand he grabs the back of my head pull me in for A deep kiss ,with the other hand reaching into my bra he then pull both of my tits out,pressing against his muscular chest. I then feel an extreme rush of excitement run through my body because this is just what we do.I start hearing from what it sounds like A car pulling up”Fuck is that someone pulling up Scotty”I nervously ask!Yet It’s still not enough to stop us!

To Be Continued.  

Kasaundra Love


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