Another Hot Summer Night

I’m not sure what this really is at this point but my crush Damian & I are headed to South Florida for A night!

We maintained contact since I last seen him in New Orleans two weeks ago! Things are definitely sizzling between he & I . We talk every other day! It’s so many things about him that turns me on,Its almost like I get wet instantly from our conversations alone. I’m still so nervous around this man I mean he is a real beast how could I not be? Fuck! Meeting him in New Orleans did no justice.I’m physically & mentally attracted to him and I’m loving this New Fling!

Damian is apidome of Tall dark & Handsome. Everything about him screams Boss! Just by looking at him you tell that is very business savey but don’t mind loosing those cufflinks. His Ora is really what drives me wild.

It’s been two weeks since we last met in New Orleans but we have maintained contact and exchanged a few Pictures and Videos! I can’t believe we are finally at this point Geez I don’t even have time to travel especially since I just landed a new Job,But I need to know him more.

Damian & I routine is very strict. We Meet at the bar-Brainstorn,strategize, flirt ,calculate and engage in mind blowing sex by the end of the night.

Its 8pm on a warm and breezy night in South Flordia!Yet again here we find ourselves blushing over cocktails! He makes a request to the bartender for two double shot of Hennessey’s ! Wow  I will take that Hennessey tonight, You only live once right? We make a toast to an Amazing night. Damn his skin is so nice reminding me of  some shade of chocolate .He reaches in to grab me around my waist, I’m sure he’s only reaching to see what kind If any panties I’m wearing. Every time he touch’s me a chill runs instantly down my spin. We give each other a keen look in the eyes!I don’t know why we are here…….But our  forces joined feel gloriouvery hour later we still at the bar just vibing!The lights are low creating A very intimate setting, The DJ would play SWV’s ūüé∂weak in the kneesūüé∂ perfect for this moment! I take a sip of my cocktail and tease him with a neck massage , playfully rubbing my breast against the back of his head he looks up in excitement!Oh my I think the drink just kicked in…

We step into the room I toss my shoes off and Head out to the balcony overlooking the ocean as my hair blow freely! I smell him near and I know he’s close by as I catch a wift of his cologne,All of a sudden there he is planting a kiss on the back of my neck ! With a bottle of nice champagne in his right hand. “Oh my gosh You are going to have me so tipsy” I just can’t keep my hands off of him as he pours up two glasses of Champagne! He kissed me on my forehead and said “Baby I just want you to be comfortable” I toss back the champagne because I know its about to be a night of pure passion.

Sitting here on the balcony we sit in complete silence -We Connect not saying anything, I cozy up in his lap as we toast “Fuck I just spilled Champagne all over myself” This can’t be happening as the stars start dancing in the sky,but then again we had been faded all night! Its dripping from my nippls to my legs.This man is licking champagne from my body and it feels so amazing that I can’t help but arch my back!

Leaving the door open ,he picks me up and place me on the bed, I then pull him in to come in closer The room starts spinning “Fuck Me”  I beg for it. He like when I beg for it and ask me ” You want Daddy to fuck you now?”  We love role play! I’m so aroused ,We look deeply into each others eye’s then he kisses me ,pulling on my ponytail he then sucks on my neck ,as if he is trying to mark territory! “Let me see it from the back” I then role over lightly only to toot my ass in the air. I feel his hand’s feathering my clit & second set of lips …I can hear the wetness of it as I look back at him! Sticking two fingers insde of me while shaking them creating a vibration effect, I start to feel my juice’s flow.”Fuck me Damian ,Fuck me now” slapping my ass hard enough to almost leave a print! Suddenly he fills me with rock hard dick as my eyes instantly roll to the back of my head. Pounding me so hard it hurts,but it feels so good, I feel his sweat dripping onto me. I back it up in a fast motion as he starts going slower….”Damn baby slow down” but I can’t because I’m so caught up in this moment.

To be continued


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