The Stripper File’s:Ratchet City Edition Part 1

It’s hot as fuck out here! I’m  headed from Arkansas to Shreveport Louisiana I have one more hour to drive luckily! I’m praying my 98 Maxima Don’t break down on me because I been driving it back and fourth every weekend. It’s 1:30 pm  and I’m headed straight to WO for the day shift! I turn that Majic City Monday up By Jeezy to get in Stripper Mode and to set a goal of what I need to make tonight. I’m running on E so tonight I’m Hogging and pulling all of my best Quick Sale lines out! I know Shreveport will come through for me….

I’m 20 Mins away I call My Friend/ Stripper Coach Abaigael. This girl so off the chain Standing at 6Ft  Jewish ,Beautiful bouncy dark hair living  all her life in New York . She gives me the Play & Motivation to stay afloat in this game ,Today we have A 30 Min phone session  scheduled and she never fails me plus I like to stay sharp on my hustle.

Pulling up the club I instantly get excited! Because I know its about to be an amazing night and I can feel it! I have 10 mins left talking to Abai parking my car I finish the remainder of our conversation in the car because these other girls did not put in on this session.

Throwing my backpack over my shoulder I bust through the doors enter the Dressing room. I called my Best Friend J to let him know I’m in town He gives me A warm welcome & Looks out for me If needed. Unpacking because I’m about to camp out here pretty much for the next two days.

There are two other girls on the day shift getting ready they wanna keep asking about who did my boobs but I aint got time to lolly gag with’em tonight.I’m wearing A Sparkly Pink Camo Two piece with Black Platform 7 inch heels,and I got 30in extntions down to my ass and I’m ready! 

Weird Rabbit Photography
It’s 4Pm Showtime ! There are maybe 3 guys here already but that means nothing to me I don’t see volume I see opportunity. The DJ calls me to the booth.I’m feeling really sexy and Sensual for now but I can’t wait to get Ratchet later .

I gracefully enter onto the stage,Swaying my hips from side to side as The Weekends bless us with”Often”. I need this warm up round this definitely puts me in the mood. As my top comes off A gent walkes up with my first tip of the night! I skillfully collect the money using my boobies alone (Nothing To Violate ATC). He Chuckle’s and said to meet him in the lap dance area!  I slowly walk back to the pole for a Spin then Slowly putting my top back on…I arrive in the lap dance area and there he is waiting with his hands planted on the seat as if he already knew there was no touching ,I greet him with a smile ,setting my workmens bag aside,I Arch my back and back it up on him real nice and slow so he will never forget! Simple as that for 1 min in and he wants another dance already! “Great” I let him know. This is still a great start as we are no where near packed yet.

Weird Rabbit Photography

It’s 8 Pm I’m in the dressing room sitting down retouching up on my make-up as the showroom lights glair down on me. Many thought’s cross my mind as I take a deep look in this mirror at myself I wonder how Did I go from a college girl funded by 5 Scholarships to Taking My top off for tips! Fuck! But I’m living my life off based off the facts and The reality of it is that My son need new school clothes and I got 2 days to get it….My phone rings and its my partner C In Eldorado,Arkansas calling to tell me he will be in town tonight! Yes!!!!! He love to stunt so one stage set I know he really about to make it rain. 
As I’m walking to the bar I’m stopped by a group of guys who just simply want to decorate me in Tips(It All Add Up)! I can’t lie I’m loving it, Where else can I go and Not have to do anything but let them stick money on me?”Let me get a shot 1800 Gold”I asked the bartender as The DJ call me up to stage and said He wanted to pick my music! Its a little early still so I don’t mind plus he real good at picking my shit out. 
As I hit the stage all  I hear is UGK’sūüé∂Let Me see It Let me See It Bend ova let me see itūüé∂ This is perfect for a Friday night in Ratchet City As Im upside down on the pole I’m sure that 1800 Just kicked in!  I’m not sure how I missed these people tipping me on stage but I’m stuffing them tips all in my bag.Damn this city got me spoiled and I’m loving it.I came in on 0 and now I got a lil something in pocket and we going till 6Am.The Bouncer won’t stop following me tonight so I know it’s a good night and I’m loving the protection! 

I walk into the dressing room that’s flooded with snowbunnys and just a few of us sistahs they got money out everywhere! Damn I need to be counting my money , but It’s not my style to count it in front of everyone. 

I step back onto the floor its a full house now .I got my cup raised in the air and I’m not sure what it is but I’m bouncing through here now, I just want to insure the customer’s they are having a great time.   

I can’t lie… I’m not only in here to provide only Lap Dances ,I’m looking for someone to invest in one of my business plans. I’m so focused right now that I don’t feel the hate in the air nor do I pay it any attention. It’s  late in the night and I don’t have time to even talk past 2 Mins if you not spending the house is packed with so much potential . These Ratchet/Professional Men about make my night once again and I know just what to do with them. 

To Be Continued. 


3 thoughts on “The Stripper File’s:Ratchet City Edition Part 1

  1. Kasaundra, have you ever thought about writing a novel. My lady in my opinion l think you are a talented and fantastic writer…take my word.


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