Press Play:Recording 

I can’t even believe Damion(From Hot Summer Night) and I are at it once again! Damn I just can’t get enough of the D. Tonight I’m feeling wild and ready to be on camera for the first time and he has no idea yet! 

I’m falling in love with this man clearly I just can’t get enough and today I’m aboout to surprise him at his house! 

Knock knock “Hey Babe” I greet followed by a warm hug and kiss! He smell so good, standing over me I look up at him.All that’s on my mind is fucking his brains out but as we sit and talk for hours its clear we have developed a deeper connection at this point. I have not had sex in so long I’m about to take his dick out of his pants and make it mine! 

Today I’m ready to make a homemade video Damion just bring something out of me and our bodies are like magic when joined. I’m more than ready to bring out my inner porn star out.

I can’t take it any longer ,I pulled his dick out and wrapped my lips around it…Kneeling down as I stair deeply into his eyes he moans with pleasure. Gliding my head back and fourth as he holds the back of it making the tip touch the back of my throat. 

I take it out and he’s looking as if I just took his candy away! “Babe I forgot to tell you  I’m ready to record this today ” He Looks at me in  Wow!  But today I’m feeling like a pornstar and ain’t got not one film yet under my belt but Bae waste no time in engaging!

I undress bending over so it can get a nice view. I align the phones camera so it can catch all the action thats about to go down. I’m so turned on and ready to get down and dirty! 

Damion bends me over saying “You know I got to have my pussy from the back” Slapping my ass I’m sure my last just got 10x wetter! Throbbing deeply inside of me I scream as if there is no tomorrow,As his balls slap my clit.This man is truly dicking me down and I love it. Suddenly he spreads my legs apart tasting the kitty nice n slowly making my legs quiver . 

I know this is all being recorded and that’s what’s making it even more sexy. He slides deeply inside of me with my legs over his shoulder ,Long stroke!This pussy talking right back him also! He speeds up forcing me to take every inch of that chocolate dick, I reach down and play with my clit. 

Facing the camera looking directly in the phones camera He ask “Where do you want it  I smile before I could get a word out he could not control it splash as it drips from my face to my tits…..Damn I think to myself I just can’t get enough of him.

After showering ,he is holding me tight inside of his arms and plants an adorable kiss on my forehead.With my hand on his chest I kiss it as we both drift off to sleep. 
Kasaundra Love


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