The Boss’s Pet: Part 1

Fingering my short tamed hair as I walk through one of Chicago’s largest Financial Institutions, I just landed my first big girl job working in Finance. I’m feeling extra confident although I was just in slutty stripper lace last week but today I’m all polished in in A black business suite. I’m working under the boss himself Mr.Dennis Watkins and he has me doing some of everything after I thought it was just sales! Yet he request for me to bring his coffee every morning …….What is his Secretary for?

Tray Cooper Photography

It’s A Friday morning and there is so much Joy in the air along with the smell of coffee in the air. I need to get 3 more sales in before the month ends luckyly it won’t be hard to do with the amount of volume.

It’s 12:30Am  and I’m ready for lunch I have to do extra paper work for Mr.Watkins’s later so today’s break will include a Margarita from a grill within walking distance.

Arriving back to the office and I’m feeling powered up and ready to close the day out. “Ms.Love you are need to the office Of Mr.Watkins’s” It’s Friday and I’m sure he has a tone of work and questions to ask me “Coming right up”
Knock Knock ” How can I help you Mr.Watkins’s” leanded back in a chair over a European Renaissance Executive Desk as he begin fireing up a big Cigar .I can tell something is different on his mind today.

Suddenly he walk over to where I’m seated and caress me with a neck massage sending chills directly down my spine. I can’t even believe this after all this is my  Boss but I’m not stopping him, I’m so turned on by the sene of all of this and I do want to make him happy .

Grabbing under my arms lifting me onto his desk,suddenly I feel my pencil skirt lifting up. Mr.Watkins is a fine mature gentlemen and extremely dominant! Standing at 6’3 Dark Chocolate skin tone very well build with thick broad shoulders to compliment.

He opening my legs wide peeling my sheer black stockings back I chuckle damn I’m being a bad girl this Friday I think to myself.But the fact that he is my boss & It’s so forbidden I mean really who sleeps with their boss? His doment nature is turning me on even more as he firmly grips my hip’s looking me dead in the eyes , pulling my me to the edge of the desk I feel myself getting wet instantly. Reaching down in my purse to pull out a brand new sex toy I can’t wait to use pulling my panties to side I slide my shiny pink rabbit inside of me vibrating to a medium speed arching my back I lay further down on his desk,Paperwork flying everywhere. Mr.Watkins is over with only a pair of briefs with still his shirt and tie loosened. Drilling the toy inside & out of me I pull him in closer by his tie I can feel the D starting to wise on my leg. He is now taking control of the rabbit as my juices are now all over the desk. Slowly removing the rabbit I fell his medium size lips savorying  every inch of my pussy lips I moan loudly in his Sound proof office as he push my legs back this feel so amazing! I reach do in my purse for a chain I have a surprise for him. I ask to take a seat behind him he did as I asked. He is always controling me during the day but now its my turn! First I grip him by the neck to spot where the chains need to go,he finally notice my chains “Oh what a naughty girl” with chains and rope in one hand I place the chain around his throat knotting it at the back of the chair his head tilted back. I then tie both of his hands behind the chair. I’m taking it easy with Mr.Watkins as I’m sure he was not expecting this so I’m going to be easy on him. 

I grabbed him by The D and began with a nice hand massage as it continued to grow in the palms of my hands. I place a condom on it slowly slide down on him, The lights are dim overlooking the  Chicago skyline.All the way down I place a gray ducktape to seal his lips. Bouncin!  up and Down I can see the enjoyment in his eyes. I grab the chain around his neck as I come in closer and tell him to bite down on my nipple. I then spin around in reverse cowgirl winding up and down I enjoy seeing my cum on his dick making me even wetter.I feel him thrusting inside of me .Looking back to catch a glimpse of him let me untie this man because I’m ready for cum 

I release the chain from his neck as he gasp for air I can’t help but admire the the chain prints left on his neck. I release the rope from his hands and unseal his lips. 

Grabbing me by the waist he is bending me over the desk filling me with his every inch, long deep strokes ! Looking back at him I feel his warm explosion dripping all over my ass.


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