Grade Earned 

“Fuck it’s 8 Am and I have class at 8:30″Yelling! I wake up late out of my sleep! As the soapy water run down my nude body I think of Professor Nobels ,I have really pushed it at this point and he has had enough of me coming in late for class but I need this man on my side He is the only one that has the ability to rise my grade from a B to A 

Professor Nobels is a fine dark 40 something year old brotha! Smart Ivy league grad with the confidence to match.He is very professional and has never can onto me at any point…But now my brain is racing his class is the deal breaker in obtaining the GPA I need in order to maintaing my scholarship’s. At this point I’m down for whatever.

Slowly creeping inside the classroom . Instantly I hear a deep voice “Ms.Love I need to see you in my office when class is over” FUCK I think to myself.

Ring Ring  I nervously pack my books into my backpack and headed toward his office. Leaning back in his chair as he looked me dead into his eye. In the back of my mind I have always wanted to fuck him and now I need him more then ever! At this point everything is falling To place.”Ms.Love you going to need a perfect test score next Monday”I panic!

I placed my body on top of his desk and pulled by his Bow Tie and demanded that he give me the A and…. The D .

Suddenly I feel my skirt rising up only to feel his soft lips nibble on my freshly shaven kitty damn I’m only doing this for the thrill as I feel the juices flow. He firmly grips my hips with each hands tossing me around on all fours.

Spreading my ass cheeks apart ,He spanks me really hard for being a Very bad girl but it’s only causing my pussy to get even wetter ! What a mix of pain & pleasure.

Back Arched I feel him deep inside of  me! He fucking me like he is upset at me but the fact that he is my professor turns me on even more! Throwing it back at him as I grip tightly I hear him moaning in pleasure. Screaming as he pound deep inside of me feeling me with his every inch is driving me wild! Papers from his desk flying everywhere ,I feel him going Harder and harder as I can tell he is about to Explode ,My muscles tighten around his dick.I then feel his warm cum all over me.