The Officer Fetish 

What am I to do? I can’t afford to go to jail and I soon need to come up with a plan.

I’m moving fast fas,but I need to clear up this issue before I get out dodge. My phone rings It’s A cute Caucasian Sheriff in town Just on time.I’m blushing hard not sure what his intentions are with me but I’m in a little bit of Hot Water and need him on my side,Knowing the power he hold’s. He invites me out on a late night ice cream date after his shift is over and I agree because we need to talk. 

It’s 9Pm as I’m pulling into The Parlor I begin to get very nervous as I park. Thinking to myself how Kinky &  Taboo this is to me maybe, I’m doing it for the Thrill And I feel like some what of A Bad Girl Already.

He opens my car door, I’m embracing his athletic build,standing at 6’1 olive skin tone with blue eyes! Damn I think to myself he would still be in uniform but this is actually turning me on. “Stay focused” I tell myself because I actually want him to bed me right over on his Car. 

“I’ll have two scoops of Strawberry cream please and other 2 Scoop’s of chocolate for this gentlemen”Its only right I wink at him as I ordered. We sit side by side , I’m loving his amazing energy and these cute dimples as well as his charming smile.I suddenly feel something cold hit my boobies “OH MY I have spilt my ice cream” He is very alarmed I then feel his finger brush across my breast.

I start to tingle all over from head to toe. I look around only to see that no one is around,he starts rubbing his fingers through my hair .”Let’s go to the bathroom  he suggest so I can help you get this sticky mess off of you”

What a tiny stall! I take my tube shirt off leaving only my skit on and suddenly I feel his soft pink lips kiss all over my breast leaving little to no ice cream,i Reach down to touch my pussy lips I can feel my juice’s flowing . He then toss me of the sink counter all while still in uniform, Urgently speading my legs wide open he is sucking on nothing but my Clit causing my juices to flow down my leg , Now playing with my pussy using only his fingers. I think to myself damn this is all happening so quickly…As he comes up I can feel the force of his Vest underneath. He is demanding I bend over and I’m doing just that ,I’m creating the perfect Arch as his place his hand in it. I suddenly feel his dick slide in as my pussy muscles wrap tightly around it. I look back directly in his eyes screaming Fuck me harder as he begin  yanking me by my hair along with each Deep stoke. My body begins to shake and I’m about to explode with cum all over his dick as he continue stroking me Long,Deep & Hard.

I scream with Passion all while forgetting we are in the bathroom stall,I look down at his dick only to see my pretty white cum everywhere. This is only the beginning… 


2 thoughts on “The Officer Fetish 

  1. I’m sorry if offended you to point I had to be blocked. I will forever be a fan to your writing. All my life, women like you, strong, confident, and funny has disappeared from me leaving me skanks who only see me as a dollar sign, not someone who has hopes and dreams. It’s a lonely life.

    The reason I discovered you because I went to the Onyx in Monroe and honestly I feel unwelcomed there. None of those dancers has the charm you have, the way you light up a room. I stop going really, it’s more depressing than fun, the dancers are just waiting for the ballers and ignoring the men just wanting some female company.

    People can’t let you be yourself because they’re jealous they had to put on a front their whole lives to impress people and they know they’re fakes. They can’t stand someone living their life how they want to and they’re bitter they have a partner and kids they don’t want.

    Live Life, Make Money Sweetie and stay in California.

    Rod Munch Esquire.


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